Few Norwegian bands have achieved such international recognition as Aunt Mary. They were stars on the Scandinavian heavy and prog rock scene back in the 70s and compared with giants like Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After and King Crimson.


Present members

BJØRN 1.jpeg

Bjørn Kristiansen, guitar

Guitar player and main songwriter Bjørn Kristiansen was one of the founders of Aunt Mary back in the late 60s. He is regarded one of Scandinavia’s finest rock guitarists and has written many of the bands greatest songs. Bjørn has been with Aunt Mary all this years, while also pursuing an extensive career as a solo artist, with other bands and projects and as a highly respected session musician. He is now the only remaining member of the original line-up.


Bernt Bodal, bass

Bassist Bernt Bodal has been a long-time prog rock colleague of Bjørn since the early 1970s. Bernt is also a founding member of the band HØST and he continues to tour with them. Simultaneously he has managed to keep his bass playing skills on a very high level, playing with many of the international rock scene’s biggest stars. Bernt is one of the driving forces behind Aunt Mary’s comeback in 2016.


Morten Fredheim, lead vocal

Morten Fredheim, the vocalist of Aunt Mary is an outstanding singer with a dashing stage presence also known from The Voice Norway. With over 20 yrs experience he has also collaborated with other well known bands in Norway, Hayseed & Himora to name a few.


Ole Tom Torjussen, Drums

The drummer of the band is a hard working multi instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Ole Tom has been a musician since 1990, contributed on several recordings and played with some of Norway’s finest artists in bands and music shows.


Ola Aanje, Keyboards

Ola has been making his own music, both as a solo artist and with the band March Brown. He has also worked with artist like Bernie Mardsen from Whitesnake, Jarle Bernhoft and the band Howl as a keyboard player and guitarist.


Former members


 Glenn Lyse, Vocal (2015-2017)

Glenn joined Aunt Mary after the demise of the original vocalist Jan Groth. Glenn is a singer, songwriter & musician who won season 4 of the reality television show Idol 2007 in Norway. One of Scandinavia´s finest rock’s voices, he was the lead vocalist in Aunt Mary`s internationally acclaimed album - New Dawn and went on to play a lot of concerts with Aunt Mary to packed houses during 2015 - 2017 after which he went on to pursue his solo projects & other musical interests.

Ketil Stensvik, drums (1970-2015)

This extremely talented drummer was widely recognized and admired.  Many regarded him one of Europe’s best rock drummers ever, and he added a musicality to his playing that was evident - and still is on the band’s recordings. He started playing in public as a member of his mom and dad’s band at an age of ten. At 17 he joined Aunt Mary to become part of what turned out to be the band’s classic line-up. Ketil stayed with the band all the years, through the recording of «New Dawn» in 2014, until he passed away in April 2015. 


Jan Groth, organ and vocal (1969-1972 and 1982-2013)

Few rock voices can match the soul of Jan’s. A few years older than his fellow band mates, he had already cut his first solo record when he initiated the foundation of the band that became Aunt Mary in 1969. In 1972 he left the band to pursue his belief and a career as a Christian artist, first in Denmark. When he moved back to Norway he instantly became an important figure for Christian rock in the country. Jan rejoined Aunt Mary in 1982 and stayed with the band until 2013 when he resigned due to illness from cancer. Jan Groth passed away in August 2014.


Svein Gundersen, bass (1969-2012)

A living legend in the Norwegian music business, this excellent bass player is also a highly regarded composer and producer. He was one of the founding members of Aunt Mary, and together with Bjørn Kristiansen he wrote most of their songs. When Aunt Mary «broke up» in 1973 Svein stayed together with Bjørn for a few years and bands until he started writing and producing music for other artists. He is regarded one of Norway’s finest writer/producers, has contributed on many best selling records and received prizes and awards for his work. Svein has also written and produced music for films, shows and musicals. Svein stayed with Aunt Mary all the years until he left in 2012.


Bengt Jenssen, keyboards (1972-1973)

Although a short-lived member of the band, Bengt Jenssen left his distinct mark on two of Aunt Mary’s and Scandinavian rock’s finest and most groundbreaking records - «Loaded» and «Janus». In addition to excellent keyboard playing, he also co-wrote some of the songs. Bengt left as the band «broke up» in 1973.

Per Ivar Fure 1 copy.png

Per Ivar Fure, saxophone, flutes, harmonica (1969-1970)

One of the band’s founding members, Per Ivar also contributed on the band’s first eponymous record «Aunt Mary». Shortly after, as the band chose a more «heavy» path, Per Ivar chose to leave.

Ivan Lauritzen, placeholder copy.png

Ivan Lauritzen, drums (1969-1970)

The band’s first drummer, Ivan Lauritzen was also one of the bands founding members and stayed with the band for the first chaotic year. He resigned from the band before the first record.